The Santana Team is often asked this question.  What do we do to earn our keep?  Our marketing campaigns are aggressive, and the services we offer you very few other Realtors can.  We have 7 locations throughout the area where we can meet with you, or a team member can visit you in the comfort of your own home if you prefer.  We work with your budget and purpose in mind by creating a custom marketing package for your property.  Since no two homes are exactly the same, we also don’t market 2 homes in quite the same way.  Our staging company creates custom set ups for each home they are invited into–they don’t operate on cookie-cutter “themes” like most others.  We believe in staging because every major study shows a return on that investment.  We also believe in having your home professionally photographed because great pictures drive more traffic/attention to your home.  Real estate is a team effort, and we are aware of the costs involved with each transaction.  At the end of the day you need to ask yourself one simple question:  is it worth it?  If you can sell for a higher price by investing more in the sales process, why wouldn’t you want to ultimately net more monies from your sale?  I ask people if they would spend a million dollars to profit a million dollars all the time.  Many surprisingly say no because the margin of return isn’t high enough–at first of course.  We at the Santana Team would like to remind everyone that a million dollars is a million dollars…why wouldn’t you want to make that money?  If you spend an additional 10,000 dollars in marketing to net $10,000 more on your home sale, why not do it?  We create as much demand possible for your home with our ideas, and more demand leads to a higher sales price.  Contact us today so we can show you how to sell your home for more, and how our team earns their keep.

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Stuart Santana

Stuart Santana


I have been working in real estate related matters for over 13 years. I graduated valedectorian from Gladstone High School in 2001, was active in the US Army JROTC program and attended the prestigious California Boy's State program. I later received a degree in Political Science from UC Davis in 2005. While in Davis I made the Dean's list, was a member of the Davis Honor's Challenge program, and attended the prestigious UCDC program in Washington DC where I interned under the Director of Domestic and Foreign Policy (Dr. Gabriela Lemus) for the Executive LULAC office. I have been fully licensed since 2005, and working full time in real estate since I returned to Los Angeles from my 4 years in Davis. I have personal experience in nearly every facet of real estate imaginable: I have purchased and sold many assets. I also manage my own rentals, and teach my clients how to screen out tenants if they opt to manage their own rentals as well. I teach my clients how to treat their homes as assets that can be leveraged to acquire more assets, and pretty much teach my clients that anyone can be an investor with a seasoned Realtor by their side. If you have real estate needs, what are you waiting for?

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